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  Going through a divorce can make you feel like the captain of a leaky boat on stormy seas. There seems to be a new crisis at every turn, but don't let uncertainty whip you into an emotional tizzy. The more frenzied your emotions, the longer the proceedings and the more costly the divorce.  Let me help you separate your emotions from the financial.

Immediately create a new budget after you determine how to take your ex's name off of any assets, transfer the accounts given to you, obtain health insurance, and change beneficiaries. You will need to redesign a financial plan that reflects you and your family's individual needs and financial goals.

Checklist For Costly Mistakes in Divorce
Checklist For Costly Don't Leave Home Without These

Every decision you make could last a lifetime.

If you have significant means, asset protection,

and property division become compelling concerns.

Michele has experience representing clients for all financial walk of life from these with every significant marital estates to these with minimal resources.

  She will tailor unique recommendations for your case, come up with strategies for equitable settlements, and help you understand the financial impact for in the short and long term. It's not just about how much you may receive in child and spousal support. You will likewise need to get an annuity. Reserve funds report if there are any expense ramifications, and how everything looks like in the proposed offer for you to make a reasonable counteroffer. The proposed proposal will allow you to make more informed decisions and give you peace of mind that you will be protected now and in the future.

  Michele is retained to be on your divorce team and assist with the financial issues related to your divorce. Your attorney's job is to know the law; Michele's is to "know the numbers" since not all assets are equal. Once things are settled, it will be time to prepare for your new beginning.

If you argued about money during the marriage, it is extremely unlikely you will be able to come to an agreement on any financial matters during your divorce.


Personalized Financial 

Divorce Services for the Attorney

Michele is not an attorney but she understands the laws and their application to the complicated financial matters of divorce.

  Her goal is to complement your efforts, design supporting evidence for the case and become a sounding board for financial ideas. Clients typically misunderstand the financial realities they are about to face. She will help put your clients at ease, help manage expectations and discuss strategies you have for them. Her support of your legal efforts can begin

as early as the discovery process. This can begin with outsourcing the tedious and time-consuming financial details of the case, you can focus on what you do best the law.

  This helps make divorce more cost-effective for the client while you maintain case efficiency and profitability in your practice. Michele can help eliminate the potential for costly financial errors with precise and detailed reports. She is able to provide litigation support and testimony in the courtroom. After the divorce is final, she will follow up with the client to be certain they have completed the necessary changes as outlined in the judgment. 






Divorce Dollars & Sense Corporation does not provide legal advice or tax advice. Anything displayed should not be construed as such. Please seek independent legal and tax advice for your specific situation.